Kirkurd and Newlands Parish Church of Scotland

Romanno Bridge, West Linton, EH46 7BZ


We are part of the Church of Scotland and the life of our Church revolves around our weekly Sunday worship. Holy Communion is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of January, May and November. Other activities include Adventurers, the Guild and special events (such as an annual harvest supper).

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What we believe

We try to inspire the people in the community with the Good News of Jesus Christ through lively worship, concern for others, nurturing people in their faith and serving the community.

Exploring our Faith

The minister is happy to meet with anyone who is interested in finding out about faith and church membership. Bible Study groups take place and these are open to all.

Kirk Session

Our Kirk session consists of the Minister and about 12 elders of the congregation. There is also an annual congregational meeting.

Thoughts .....


A man walking along the street of a strange town noticed the signage above a shop: The Truth Shop. Intrigued, he could not avoid going in.

The sales assistant he met was incredibly friendly and polite: "Good morning, sir! What kind of truth do you wish to purchase today?"
"The whole truth, of course", the customer replied. "No deceptions for me, no defences, no rationalisations. I want my truth plain and unadulterated."
The sales assistant waved the man to the senior assistant at the other side of the shop. As he approached the counter a very smartly dressed woman pointed to a price tag. "The price is very high, sir", she said.

"What is it?" asked the man - determined to get the whole truth no matter what it cost. "It will cost you your security, sir," the woman answered very politely while looking him straight in the eye.

The man walked out of the shop with a heavy heart. He still needed the safety of his unquestioned beliefs.

Early in my ministry I visited an old saintly elder, Tommy Young, now long since departed, who, during our conversation said to me, "Son, remember there are always three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and the truth!" I have always remembered that, especially when I know I am right.

Stewart McPherson



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Palm Sunday

Good Friday

Easter Day



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